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USS Montana-Where To?

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For as long as I can remember, the OG Tier X Battleship USS Montana has been competitively viable ever since the game went live back in 2015. An alternative to the other OG Tier X Battleship, IJN Yamato, it offers an alpha strike potential and accuracy in exchange for slightly worse range and the inability to overmatch 30+mm armor plating. Add in a powerful AA suite and a relatively small detection range, there's a reason why US BB captains tolerated the grind from Tier III to Tier VII as it lead to 'very worth it'' ships like the North Carolina, Iowa, and finally the Montana.

However, the recent additions to the game throw that viability into question. Kremlin, Thunderer, and other 457mm armed ships that can hurt those that have 30mm armor plating and have gimmicks that make the game health worse really puts the Montana into a spot wherein it will be left behind to collect dust and the grind along the US BB Line being not worth it. It doesn't get any better with the addition of the split US BB Line, with the new Tier X BB having 457mm guns. 

So how would WG make the USS Montana still viable despite the ever-changing landscape? I have a few suggestions, and just to be clear, these is what I think would benefit the Montana currently.


1.) Increase sigma value to 2.0 or 2.01 and slightly buff vertical dispersion.

2.) At medium to short range, there's a modifier to the guns that can make them punch 30+mm armor plating.

3.) A slightly better heal recovery against HE and AP hits.

4.) Slight AA range increase and damage


What do you guys think?

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From a business stand-point, i don't think Wargaming will address it? because to make more money income, they have to implement new ships into the ship aka. (Bundles, Premium Ships, The dice-rolling event). Having played for 5 years, them addressing balancing issues recently has been going....downhill....just don't put too much or have any hope in them addressing the OG ships...just look at DDs (Z-52, Shimakaze, Gearing) those DDs are phasing out.

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