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I expected it, but the former topic seems to have been purged in AALG.
I make a topic once again.
I am sorry for detaining you.
Mr.AALG hello! Hi, all!
I'm sorry, i am weak in english.
I'm Japanese.
If it is a topic of the agreement violation, please delete it without reserve.
If there was the person who became unpleasant by this topic, I apologize.
Now let's return to the main subject.
I have noticed that recently.
There is a country disliking this words.
Of course there seemed to be disfavor.
But we can use this in a game.
"As such, we will not remove from our games any historically accurate content that is not prohibited by international or national law."
There is this standard.
If there is this standard, is the disliked "Rising sun" usable?
Three Naval Ensign are usable in this!
Flags of the good friend.
I cannot affix the image of the "Rising sun" in this forum.
So I brought a guest.
You will think that the meaning of this photograph is reverse.
Don't think, feel!
what is called , they will maintain the present conditions in a mysterious standard.
There is not the country prohibiting the "Rising sun". 
By the way, it is not prohibition in Republic of Korea.
If this topic is violation, Mr.AALG may remove it without reserve.
Mr.AALG,Thanks for seeing me even though you're busy!
Please give my best regards to ASIA representative.
Was his name "Yun Thae Won"?
The reason for why the Rising Sun emblem is not used and disallowed on the forums, has been stated. This is a decision made by WG headquarters. No where has it been said it is because it is disallowed in any country. I will repeat what was posted previously :



The reason the Rising Sun pennant is not used in the game, dispite it being the current national pennant for the JSDF, as well as being the historical correct pennant for the IJN vessels of the period the game covers, is due to the emotional responses it can provoke in some of the countries, due to atrocities commited against civilians by the imperial japanese army prior and during WW2.


A mod has allready been made by me, and is available for the Alpha testers, and will be ready upon open beta/release for the general public.


It is not due to the same reason as nazi symbols are disallowed, but solely out of same respect towards those nations where such emotional response happens, which the present day JSDF also shows, during joint military exercises in ASEATO regi, and during naval visits in ports of those countries.


Nazi related symbols are disallowed, since they are illegal in several countries, including Germany. 


Any attempts on the forums to make it into an issue, from either side will be frowned upon harshly.




I've emphasized the reason in the quote. Calling me a dictator in the thread title, earns you a seven day Read Only on the forums, for insults to the moderators/Admins/Gamemasters/supportstaff. 


And here is a newsflash for you : WG decides what goes in to the game, contentwise. No one else. WG owns the game, they develop the game, and they alone decide what they want or dont want to put into their game.

If WG decides that they do not want to put something in, because of whatever reason they decides, thats how its going to be. No matter how much you complain, or feel hurt on your national pride, or on your desire for historical accuracy.


With that said, WG has said it is fine if people mod the game, to display the content on their own computers, as they see fit. But that doesn't necessarily mean that pictures of said content will be legal to be displayed on the forums - It won't. 

Also, insulting the staff is not the way to go, if you want to continue to enjoy the game. Including insulting the moderators, who enforce the rules for the staff. Furthermore, just so you know it - I was the one that made the first mod for Alpha players to use, if they wished to have a more historical correct display in game. 


Finally, further threads on the topic WILL be dealt with more harshly. You have ALL been warned.


Moderation team, WoWS Asia. 



Edited by AALG
Player sanctioned, topic edited, thread locked

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 Allready answered in that thread : http://forum.worldof...6333#entry66333. Furthermore, Disputing Moderators/Admins/GM's actions and decsions on the forums, is a violation of the rules. Complaints and appeals against actions or sanctions done by moderators, has to follow the procedures outlined in the same rules.   

Thread locked.


Moderation team, WoWS Asia.



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