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I've seen a few comments regarding the submarine play, and I'm dissapointed that they have been so negative.

I've really enjoyed and played the sub battles exclusively while they were available.

I'm dissapointed now they are gone.

1 -  "Once you are spotted the depth charges are too strong...

I disagree .. the depth charges keep the subs in check (its not entirely true either, emergency surface close, rear torpedo, dive)

Subs have to work as a team with the rest of the fleet for protection. If they do, team destroyers protect them.

If they don't then they are fodder for detroyers..

2 - 'Subs need to dive deeper so they can escape"

Once again I disagree, it keeps sub players in check. They cant just stealth dive and dominate the game.

3 - Subs need to start early so they can go after the carriers

Another selfish idea, subs shouldn't be able to dominate the game.

4 - Subs need a key for periscope depth

I Agree, I like this idea and it would be very helpfull

However detection rules shouldn't change



I think the reason with the negative comments, is that many players still want to play World of Warships like they do Call of Duty, as lone players ...

You still can do this, but its a risky type of game play

Now with the changes to Aircraft carriers, its much harder for Destroyer players to go off on their own and disregard their team, if they do they are vulnerable to rocket planes.

They need to stick ahead, but close to the rest of the team to have the anti air protection from the larger ships

If submarines go off on their own, they risk being depth-charged by destroyers

Battleships more than ever need the spotting capabilities of the destroyers....



DEV TEAM, I think you have done a great job in balancing the game play here 🙂




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