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why DD player should worry about AP bomb nerf?

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just saying, we maybe CV player.... but i am also playing DD for the phantom menace.

just saying :




rocket is blatanly hostile for any DD. any CV have rocket, THEY CAN DEAL HALF OF DD HP.... rocket plane are mostly faster than other bomber counterpart....

for imbecile DD player who not understand why AP bomb nerf is bad for DD, here it is :


1. WG just nerf DD stealth massive AA fire recently (maybe 0.9.4?)

as maybe you dont know, DD can use "massive AA" commander skill to deal 10% of squadron HP. instanly delete atleast 1 or 2 plane depending on how large is squadron. the trick is hide, when plane reach your AA range quickly activate "O" button to do massive fire then HIDE again by pressing "P". with this trick my low AA Orkan can shotdown few plane..... but after 0.9.4 patch hit, after AA hit enemy plane it will remain 2 second spotted. god damn it WG,.....


2. Camping Cruiser is hostile for DD

imagine, you are DD trying to cap but afraid of radar ship hiding behind island.... then suddenly you see Des Meme HP reduced by massive AP bomb... Cruiser should not camp for so long to avoid getting nuked by CV. also it will help DD to atleast not get smacked by cruiser... VENEZIA, this bastard is hard to kill due to smoke and manouverability. this thing KILL DD faster than any ship, even more than rocket itself. the good news CV CAN GET RID VENEZIA BY AP BOMB, even T8 do it daily.  oh not to mention Stalingrad and Kronkstat, THEY EAT AP bomb


3. CV now will target easy squishy DD instead of cruiser or BB

yep, if AP bomb damage remain higher. CV will likely target Cruiser or BB to farm damage. now it become obvious hunting DD is more profitable than using AP bomb....


4. USN CV will become more popular than IJN CV line.... IJN CV line will be least popular and people start playing Brits CV

ITS BAD VERY BAD!!!, USN CV have Tiny Tim.... they deal ton of damage, USN HE BOMB IS NO JOKE IT DEAL 10K damage if you get hit by it,  and just saying its EASIER THAN AP BOMB. ITS VERY BAD if USN CV become too popular! and if people looking for alternative it will be Brits CV with carpet bombing and Ton of rocket..... damn it WG


5. WG change German CV AP rocket from 203mm to 83mm

the reason is very obvious, 83mm AP rocket will barely shit on cruiser or BB.... BUT IT WILL NUKE DD WOOIIII!!!

what the heck WG? AP rocket is supposedly to avoid CV targeting DD most of the time because 203mm will likely overpen and deal minor damage! 83mm rocket will full pen DD AND ITS smell like SAP!




1.  BUFF AP Dive Bomber HP by 5%!!!! no NERF for it!

2. NERF ROCKET!!! make it LESS ACCURATE! so it will still remain threat for CA and BB but less danger for DD

3. if its possible, ROCKET SQUADRON MAX launch only 1 EACH STRIKE WAVE! it will give DD more breath.... no more insta delete.....







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There are HE bomb, HE rocket . . . and ton of 12km radars out there

:cat_cool: Its 2020, balance is a fairy tale

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I planning to sell GZ out as soon new patch implemented

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