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The Art of War - Visions of Death

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I've been wanting to try something for a while - an image only thread with a very particular set of parameters.

I know, I know, crazy to expect the forum would adopt a certain protocol in a thread or even stay on topic 😛

But here it is.

You know the last freeze frame of a battle just before the score comes up? You know the one - the UI dissappears and the music plays and for a moment you are frozen in time.

I like to screenshot that moment - especially if I just got the last kill and the screenshot shows how it happened.

I would like to see others post there "last moment of battle" shots, but, with no commentary, explanation or words of any kind.

Let the picture tell a thousand words.

Preference is that it's YOUR last kill, with your ship in the image and you can see, just by looking at the image what has happened.

I'll post my Maass battle from a moment ago as an example. In it you can see the faint trails of my torpdoes going from left to right at about 450 to me and you can see the smoke trails from the last rounds I sent into him.

Let the sombre last moment of battle tell your story.

Images only, no commentary.

Upvote or downvote if you want, but no words.



EDIT/UPDATE: With the upcoming graphics changes/improvements, there should be some even more glorious death shots to screenshot.





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Two Brothers - Iowa v. Georgia

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