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New ship suggestion-BBV Ise

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            Greetings, developers of World of Warships. This time, I would like to propose the addition of BBV Ise which is a tier 6 aviation battleship from Imperial Japanese Navy. The reason for this is because she is already available in WoWs Blitz for years thus she should be added PC version too. Ise features a hybrid gameplay of both BB & CV. Her ability to launch seaplane bombers and drop bombs with them make her a unique ship to play. This means that she can use her main batteries just like the other BB while being able to attack the enemies using her seaplane bombers. First of all, I would like to suggest her detailed parameters.

















      Seaplane bombers (SPB) on Ise operate differently from the dive bombers on aircraft carriers. Unlike the planes on CV, her seaplane bombers do not regenerate. It means that she can only have 20 SPB from the beginning until the end of the match. Another distinctive feature of these bombers is that they do not have patrol fighters consumable. They only have engine cooling consumable that can be used to instantly fill up the engine boost meter for 8 seconds. This consumable can only be used twice with 1 minute 30 seconds cooldown between each usage.

            Unlike CV, players cannot launch the bombers consecutively after returning a squadron or the squadron is shot down. There is a 6 minute cooldown between each launch of the bombers. The cooldown timer starts immediately when players launch the bombers. Another interesting feature is that the flight time is limited up to 3 minutes only. There should be a UI indicator for this 3 minute countdown timer. When this timer runs out, the bombers will immediately be returned to the hull. Player must wait for 3 minute to use them again if there is any left on the deck. While waiting for the next launch, they can play her like normal BB; i.e. using the main battery guns and secondary guns while actively maneuvering.

            Just like CV planes, Ise’s seaplane bombers are also vulnerable to hostile AA especially AA flak explosions. Since they cannot regenerate like normal CV planes, Ise can be deplaned. When that happens, it does not mean the end of her role in the battle. Since she is also a BBV with main battery guns, her player can use them like normal BB to attack the enemies. Being different from CV’s automated consumables, Ise’s hull’s consumables are not automatically activated. When her hull is set on flooding or fire while her player is controlling the SPB squadron, the player can choose whether to let the damage-over-time (dot) to continue or return the squadron so that a proper consumable can be manually used to stop that dot.

            Ise’s players could develop alternative gameplay tactics when both CV & BB mechanics are combined. At the start of the match, one can launch SPB squadron to spot the enemy ships and their sailing directions. The SPB can also be used to bomb anything that is outside of her main battery guns range especially those fast-moving DD. Additionally, they can be used to defend cap especially in Standard mode of Random battle when team’s base is being captured and there is nobody else to defense it or the enemy is outside of main guns range. A good player will use the SPB only when it is necessary to do so instead of continuously bombing the enemies like normal CV does. If Ise’s hull is destroyed while her player is in squadron control mode, they can use the SPB to attack anything within the limited flight time given. This makes it possible to destroy enemy ship(s) after the hull is sunk so that the player obtains It’s Just a Flesh Wound achievement.

            As for tier placement, Ise should be a tier 6 ship. This is because of her relatively small HP and her good concealment when compared to the other tier 6 BB. For a fair matchmaking, an Ise should be matched up against another Ise. If there is no other Ise in the queue, then the matchmaker should consider any of the following.


  1. Placing one tier 6 CV in enemy team, replacing tier 6 BB slot.
  2. Placing one extra tier 6 BB in enemy team by trading a cruiser or destroyer of the highest tier. For example, the team with Ise in it has 5 BB whereas the enemy team has 6 BB.
  3.  Placing one tier 6 CV per team.


Example of team lineup based on condition 1-:



Example of team lineup based on condition 2-:



Example of team lineup based on condition 3-:





That concludes my suggestion for BBV Ise. I really hope that you as the developers consider this suggestion and thank you in advance. 


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