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Skane and Match making only ship at 7 over and over.

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Can someone please explain to me why Skane, the T7 EU DD, is all to frequently the only ship or two that is T7 in the entire team.

Im not sure what the exact % of this is, in my case, but im pretty sure its near 90%, if not higher!

Even with a less than 10 point captain I got match against way more T8 and T9 games as bottom T.

There is no 4 out of 10 games you will be scammed into being bottom T with Skane.  Shes near a 90% bottom (if not higher)

I can not actually recall the last time i was not the only T7 or one of less than 3 most often 2 - or the only in single dd games.


Is it because of the event where in the campaign you need to get the next T8 to complete tasks, so its made stupidly hard to get that?

"You have to earn it" yeah sure, while getting consistent troll mm.

As bottom T against T8 CV, they will focus you as an easy kill, thats perfectly logical tactic.... and with your relatively poor AA  and concealment, that CV will drop fighter on you for longer spotting.

The rockets from a T8 Cv can take out 1/3 if not more of your HP, even when you're not broadside.. thats some dispersion.. those other CV get, i might add.



Loonger version time to read,

Horror story, what a waste of time and a complete and utter bad troll game / joke in Skane.

In a recent game I played, we had two skane both bottom T of course as per normal.

Against two dd with superior concealment and smokes.

Against 3 in a division from the same clan whom were better than any clan in my team


Two in a division that were in one of the top teams if not the top team on the server

None of our team mates had a win rate worthy of facing them....

Skane(s) was forced to run as out spotted by both enemy dd and secondary fire from T8 / T9 BB

Perma spotted and focussed on by T8 CV.

Ah, i just remembered, there was also a Radio Locate on me in that one, just to make it more fun and engaging... 

Turkey shoot.

I ask you honestly they had every single advantage in every shape and form.


At games like that the saying comes to mind "Does WG actually play their own game".

These matches is why there is no 40% of the time you'll be bottom tier in any 10 games.

The thing about spreadsheets .. they lag hard.

Skane is if not ALWAYS bottom T sure enough 90% bottom T, I cant recall not being bottom T in her and one of 2 or less T7 frequently.. 

And with match making like that who needs premium time signals or to spend.


Thanks please investigate this seemingly biased match making % with cursed skane at T7 vs majority T8 / T9

How about when youre bottom T there is more at bottom T instead of 90-95%% the Team is higher...90% the games

Its actually worse than the old T8 ships and match making...As a comparison for any captains that remember that dreaded T.


Thanks for your time.

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Its no different than seeing loads of DM before the 0.9.5 patch when everyone want to get to research Moskva, its just so happen the Euro DD are the new line and every DD player likely grinding it ; and Skane happen to be there , and yeah its got poor concealment and no smoke , and when up tiered by enemy CV and / or DD it can be tough ... I find it though that the boat actually play quite well .. its lacking in the gun department though , 2X2 and 3.2 second is not enough to made up for the poor placement of the turret and lack of actual DPM ( you need to go almost all broadside to uncover both turret so most of the time its one turret only

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Does it really matter?

When I am in a Skåne, what I can distinguish in the game is only the feel of fighting a gunboat DD and a torp boat DD.

Other ships? They all just the same. All T5 cruisers can kill me and all T9 BBs eating my torps.

Regardless what is the Tier... from T5 Texas to T9 Georgia, from T5 New York to T9 Iowa; all survived my torps.

I am talking about me in a Skåne.

So why does tier really matter?

PS: Ah yes... There is a difference. Blapping a T9 with a Skåne makes more money. 😂😂😂

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