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Random thoughts on a frustrating sub day of play :

I am really trying to understand the sub aspect … it is very frustrating as they have no survivability .

What I am trying to sort thru is the comparison of adding subs to the creation of the monster aircraft carriers .

Carriers got all kinds of benefits to the point of being a massive game changer where so far the subs have gotten nothing in comparison . 

I just finished 3 games in a row all with the same results ...soon as a DD finds me I am dead ...it is not fun .

Subs need to be able to dive below depth charge range .

To really be effective damage repair needs to be speeded and it's impact increased .

If your sub manages to survive the 1st round of depth charges the 2nd round finishes you ….guaranteed .

Subs need an auto periscope depth key . Whether they are surfacing or diving it would be a help .

Subs need to be able to reach in to the enemy rear where the carriers sit and currently it is impossible .

One alternative to improve sub play if survivability can't be increased would be to improve the torpedoes .

Giving the torpedoes massive improved hit capabilities would help to balance no survivability .

I find many games where I am shooting torpedoes and never hitting anything ...the accuracy is not there .

Without a real aiming ability the PING feature is all the sub has .

Improving the PING dramatically would guarantee more hits ...before the sub is discovered and killed . 

Torpedo hits on vessels moving left to right and right to left are almost impossible due to no real aim capability and the PING can't correct enough for accurate hits .

Subs need some real changes to be effective in the game and without some major changes they will just not be played as no one wants to play a "no way to win" sub . 

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I personally don't have much issues with survivability, I often stay away from DDs and CLs equipped with depth charges. When one of them finds me, I use maximum depth and lower the damage. The DCP issue is the very same issue that high tier BBs face in the HE spam meta. The Subs have access to same DCP as DDs do(5s duration, 40s reload). High tier BBs often conserve their DCP and not repair until nobody is firing at them so no more fires are started after they just repaired them. Subs can do the same: wait for depth charges to be over then use the DCP. But the chances of fires and floodings are just way too good and they should be nerfed. The DCP's duration should be doubled and increasing the reload to cruiser levels is a good tradeoff IMO so that panic clickings aren't completely useless. I've read many of your posts and although I don't fully agree with your rants against depth charges and escape depths, I would like some changes like for example; the depth charges will do splash damage and damage the DD unless he moves away after dropping. This might be a good and also realistic mechanic than escape and get crushed mechanics. This will give team mates(or a friend in a division) the chance to bail the Sub out while the DD is turning around for a second attack.
Subs are also nowhere near underpowered since they can destroy BBs easily when both of their points are pinged and especially since BBs in that tier are so slow that killing them are very easy. U-69 can also use hydro and detect the DD and have him killed by teammates(especially since teammates are bots and will kill anyone that they can see).
When T8-10 subs are added, there is a bigger issue, this time against the destroyers. Subs suitable for T8-10 are so called Cruiser Submarines, and they are called that for a reason. Not only that, most of them has aircraft and they can detect enemies while underwater although those aircraft will be a double edged sword. Two submarines will be the bane of destroyers: Surcouf and I-400. Surcouf has giant cruiser sized guns while I-400 has 3 catapult launched bombers and larger than a destroyer. Maybe Submarines are weak only for Tier-6.
The subs are still a work-in-progress and we can hope to see the changes that you suggested implemented in the future. But it is unlikely that WG will just buff Subs or nerf DDs and many people will hate when that happens and DDs players would want to be more important and hoping that Subs will bring them their Importance. So you need to balance both ways, not just tell ways to fix the issues that make Subs weak but fix the issues that makes other ships weak as well.

I would certainly want your posts to be compiled to one mega-post and see you tackle issues like BBs being defenseless and balancing high tier submarines(both are which a lot of people are worried about). That way you can attract a lot more people and make WG implement the changes that you suggested.

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I think the subs are balanced well, and shouldn't be changed.

Too many players want to play as lone wolfs and dominate the game.

More and more, the game play is being balanced in a way that forces players to cooperate and play as a team.

If subs go off on their own, they are vulnerable to destroyers

If destroyers go off on their own, they are vulnerable to being spotted by aircraft and rocket planes.

Battleships and cruisers need the spotting capabilities of their destroyers


Carriers should never be easy pickings, there's a reason they are at the back of their team



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