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This Co-Op's Bots will be the end of my WoWs career !

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Back from 1,5 years hiatus, saw new France & Euro DD. My skill are rotten, so hit Co-op to reshape my skill.

But holy Jeezus, the teammate bots are nuts. I've got twice pink status because CA bots on both side just zerg on capture/base zone. This make DD play are dangerous of hitting teammate with torps. I've got twice pink status today because of it. The teammate bots just sail straight despite there's enemy beside them, so I miss calculate if my torps & miss target while the teammate bots charging ... they get hit. Teammate bots also don't care about torps warning from teammate torps, just sail straight.

Soon my account will be doomed and admin will think I'm the dirtiest player ever because they only see my pink status history without seen the reason why.

Might just go straight to Random battle. Better to get lynched by actual person teammate for playing awful, than reshaping my skill with idiot bots who could get me multiple warning & lead to ban.

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