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ST, Update 0.9.5

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I will give credit to WoWs team for the daily mission update and rewaurds, the NTC / RB mechanic is still the same.

2 things:
1. If the player will recieve RP, but does not have 5 T10 ships researched yet, will the player still need to grind through 5 T10 ships in order to unlock the NTC / RB?
2. Let's be honest, NTC / RB is not working as intended. (Play low tier.) However, it is working if you want players to spend FXP. Will there be a real rework (not rename) on the NTC / RB mechanic?
     Resetting a line, while only getting the research point from T5 onwards, selling the ship you own at half the price, and allowing FXP to skip the grind. It is not encouraging players to play low tier. It is also highway robbery.
     And who in their right mind would want to re-grind from scratch? Glutton for punishment.

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