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HMS Warspite Coming to World of Warships

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Like the Yamato and Iowa class battleships, the HMS Warspite of the Royal Navy is a true legend matched only by the power of her revolutionary, “war spitting” 15 inch guns. We are therefore proud to announce HMS Warspite is coming to World of Warships as the first vessel of the British Navy in the game.The next update, Version, will be patching in the HMS Warspite as a purchasable and playable warship. A brief server maintenance will therefore take place on 29th April @ 05:00 UTC+8, and will last for approximately 1 hour 30 minutes.


The ship will be anchored here from 29th April until the end of closed beta phase and will set you back 7,500 Tokens.



Historical Background


One of Britain´s deadliest ships, the HMS Warspite was a Queen Elizabeth class of super dreadnoughts – the most technically advanced ship of her era that holds more honors than any one of her peers in British naval history. Winston Churchill, as First Lord of Admiralty, was part of the 30,000 crowd who watched the launch of the ship on 26 November 1913. An Iconic ship. A mighty warship of historical significance. A grand old lady. These are just some of the descriptions and nicknames that the HMS Warspite earned during her 30 year career. Serving in both World Wars, she endured crippling bombardments and raids, many times having to be towed back to allied ports for repairs, but always coming back to action. In 1934 she returned to Portsmouth in England for major modernization. Improvements have been made to her superstructure, aircraft facilities as well as propulsion and weapons systems. After heavy battle damage off Crete, Warspite was refitted and upgunned in the USA in late 1941 - this version of the ship is the one represented in World of Warships. In a similar configuration – only with even more AA guns -  the vessel took part in D-Day landings in Normandy, France, providing gunfire support for Allied troops landing on Gold Beach on June 6, 1944. Despite her “stiff upper lip” and victories during her career, she didn’t escape the grim fate of being sold for scrap in 1947. While being towed to the breakers, the Warspite broke loose and ran aground in Cornwall, England. Defiant until the very end, she was eventually recovered and dismantled. Maybe, it is time for her to rise from the ashes. What do you think, commanders?


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