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Public Test of Update 0.9.4: Round 2

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The 1st round has ended . My biggest notes are as follows :

Subs need to start initially closer to the center of the game map as they are very slow underwater . Chanced to get in the enemies rear areas are almost non existent without starting closer .

Submarines should operate more in the rear areas vs. now in the center of the surface battles .

Once a DD or certain Cruisers finds you it's over and I mean over in seconds . The subs need more capability to survive .

Submarines torpedoing submarines below the surface is not realistic to the real world of submarines for the time period being played . Needs to be eliminated . 

Aiming is a real issue for me as while underwater there are no physical references to help you decide when is the right time to fire . Getting a hit is sheer luck at this time .

An aiming device would be nice in the same direction of what surface ships have .

Possibly the mini map could be improved for more accuracy as I found myself relying on it to help my aiming but it is very undefined and vague overall .

Having mentioned those items yes I was frustrated many times but it was fun and I did get quite a number of hits .

Waiting for the 2nd round to start now and see what changes are made ….cheers and good luck !

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