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Let's introduce Murica smoklen

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they arnt even close... 

if you want to compare ships with dummy fast ROF and a busted armor scheme then you might as well use DM or wooster, Seattle sucks balls


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But Smolensk is Tier 10.

DM and Wooster should suffice.

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Seattle doesn't even have that bullshido citadel protection.... and torps.... and smoke.... and actually a lot of other things.

Smolensk's gun can be extended up to 19.2 km while retaining the fast ballistic. But Seattle struggles to hit anything less than BBs at 18.2 km.

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6 minutes ago, TsunamiShenShi said:

but... it's set fire good, better HE than rus HE, better armor, and low -1 tier 

As I do not have Smolensk but I have Seattle take my words with a tad bit of salt, the advantages Smolensk have over the Seattle is very obvious:

1. Smolensk can create a comfortable environment to output her DPM on herself (as she has smoke), while Seattle has to find it herself(get a low terrain and hide behind it) or ask for it (ask DDs to smoke you up)

2. Smolensk's low caliber means BFT and AFT can be used and her high HE DPM outclasses Seattle

3. Smolensk is easier to put shells on target, as her shell arc is flatter than Seattle and her firing angles are better than Seattle (Seattle's firing angle is so atrocious), therefore your Smolensk has a more effective way of dealing damage

4. Smolensk's armor is actually more effective than Seattle, its so thin that overpens are frequent on it while Seattle's heavier armor means shells have more time to arm, therefore penetration damage is more frequent

I can only think about these as I do not joined the dark side of Smolensk 😅 pretty sure there are more advantages a Smolensk owner can list out, such as concealment or gunboating playstyle capabilities. Seattle is better in terms of helping the team with her vast array of consumables, such as Radar, hydro and Def AA while Smolensk is purely focus on causing a rain of 130mm HE shells. If you would like to list out a Murica counterpart of Smolensk actually the Flint performs similarly to Smolensk instead of Seattle

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