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Long Range Anti-Air,How about reduce damage,but lower sight stabilization

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I have seen many movies and read many historical articles about anti-air guns, and I found that, at least in WOWS, long range anti-air guns is not that "historical" and lower all players' game experience no matter what ships they sail.

If some one sails a CV, he will find that his planes are so weak that only 2-3 black smokes can evaporate all his planes 

As well as who plays the BB/CA/CL or even DD, he will find that if his long range guns couldn't give planes enough damage(may be dodged) , he will suffer a big boom.

So that is an ALL-or-NONE situation,  some CV like KAGA(with low level planes) may facing almost NONE in high tier room and I have seen many players say this Premium CV is a totally SCAM,  it has lots of planes, but all  will be evaporated during the aiming time.

why not change it into a more SMOOTH way?

In historical battles, navy-planes are not that big  slow and inflexible bomb or air-bone transporting planes which ground anti-air guns will shot many of them down

Navy planes are smaller and flexible, and the long range anti air guns(artillery) do less damage to them by  fragments, but the black smoke will reduce their sight heavily so they may miss the target 

And we can see that in some intense  battles in history , an aircraft squadron will not lose all its planes or even survive many, but they may miss all the hits or hit just a few times. 

So I think it would be better to reduce the long-range anti air gun damage, but give them the ability to reduce  sight stabilization

It is very bad for CV players that they cant get near to big ships, and even become useless for just one mistake to lose a whole or half his squadron, so some CV have to focus on anti-dd and make dd players unhappy that they will complain all the time

And it is also bad for big ships that they have to gather  around to cover each other, if some one sail alone, he will probably be  spam by lots of planes and in most situation he will be sunk by trops or bombs, so many tactics can not be used.

So I think the long range anti-air should be changed, not focus  on "DELETE  the planes, but on "OBSTRUCT" them.

This change may give CV players more chance to give a hit, and save their planes, and give the non-cv players more opportunity to dodge the hits by a higher chance.

It is just like the upgrade and camouflages that influence the dispersion of shells


and PS: is it possible to add a Kamikaze attack mode for planes since all ships can ram to enemy?? just for fun 

and PSS: If the anti-air mechanism will not be changed (again), is it possible to give a consumable to allow a plane  squadron give a hit together, not 3 by 3. Since the anti-air fire damage is heavier than historical facts, it is not fair to limit CV using its whole  squadron in such a anti-historical way 

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