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[] Yamato > dark grey iron surface Skin Mod

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At the date when battleship Yamato was sinked, I want to release a skin mod that can turn Yamato's permanant skin into dark grey surface. Honest to say, the originnal permanent skins of Yamato in the game is ugly. And if you remove the skin,it looks like plastic surface and there is some inconvenience.

That is why I release this mod to you. It may not be strinking but it looks like what Yamato should be like. Applying this skin may be a bit more difficult as it needs update, but for those who love this ship, it's worth trying.


[Module Content]
Replaces: Ship skin / yamato's camouflage

(It works only with given camouflage of the newst bin type!!!!!!!!!)

Picture Preview & Download Link]

1. picture preview

As a contrast,ship without camo





As a contrast,ship with camo mod, the surface of deckhouse is specially included






2. download


For those who have already applied this mod in,update of this mod is neccessary!!!

Just use the new camouflages.xml in the zip to replace the old one is ok.


1. Download & Extract the .zip folder
2. Place all folder in the "" (current game version) folder
Path: X:\...\World_of_Warships\res_mods\\...

3. Attention!!!when new version(for  example is released, do not use this mod at once!!!I will realse new camouflages.xml as soon as possible. Please wait for my update and  use new camouflages.xml to replce the old one, (and remove files into X:\...\World_of_Warships\res_mods\\..of course),otherwise your game may suffer critical error!!!


Just delete the relevant files/folder.


[Last Checking]
2020/05/14 - can be used normally.



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