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Nerf RU radar please - its not healthy for game.

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Im in RU crusier

some maps i can sit mid cap

i can radar 3 caps at once

with one consumable use.

This is not healthy for game play.


On behalf of DD and front line ships they are useless nothing happens.

If dd try to cap, they get radar hit and decap lose hp for nothing.  If not outright killed.

You have dd sitting to far back from cap, it doesnt want to get 12km radar spotted, then hunted by CV.  So dd wont even spot cos of mega radar often.

Ive seen non shima games, where the T8+ dd is actually further back than the BB...



The radar cruiser camped with its AA fending off any CV planes which are trying to remove said radar ship from camping.


Then big fat ships, barely moving from spawn more than a square or 2, sitting at max firing at range.  Those BB's dispersion at near max, being least effective as possible.

Those same BB end up camping in the open, waiting for something to get spotted which isn't happening.

Then  Shooting other bb that will only heal x 3 or 4 .. and nothing still happens.. 


This game is getting more stagnant.


As a side note, id like to see this

0 warning a cap is being taken if the ship is not spotted in the cap.

This means no Changing cap color as enemy takes it.

it gives away to much information.  Oh radar now! CV OH send plane!

DD - OH F again!! 5k hp gone from rockets despite near unicum levels of wasd hax.


Removing that cap change color PERHAPS mightn't be popular AT FIRST, but It would sure add some game play and fun factor!   

Not just being given free intel, at no risk to anyone but the capping side.   Youre actually getting penalized for trying to progress your points taking 100% of the risk factor.

 Alternatively you hurry up and wait, see who will noob out first.  (not looking at Jean Bart's trolls at all)  or dies from boredom.


As theres to much information when it comes to caps.

Radar, Planes, mini maps last known location and the increasingly rare counter play dd, OH lets not forget radio locate!


Because now days nothing happens, until someone goes stir crazy from boredom and yolo. 

Or freemium premium noobs funsies / runs out and dies from boredom.


This 24km, or 12km each side of ship radar range, isnt helping that situation, only increasing stagnating game play, thus its becoming less fun and less engaging.

The only difference being which side will  noob out first.




Plane spot cap 

Radar spot cap(s)

DD can counter DD - but even that is becoming less of a thing thanks to plane and radar.

Radio Locate

Mini map Last know position and then soon after cap is being taken it changes color .. easy.. 

Enemy has to do nothing to know whats going on .. .brilliant!

Nothing happens at caps

"In our game"  This is what it has evolved to.


Stop so many radar ships... sometimes 5  a game!

Nerf 12km radar to 10km.  "For game play sake"


Thanks have a pleasant and safe day.

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