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A very good explanation on 0.9.2 IFHE

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Yes the exact same info was already in @RalphTheTheatreCat thread from a couple of days ago which was clearly labelled IFHE changes 0.9.2, for those who bothered to look.

No wonder people get worked up and confused over game changes every time they occur, when people keep opening new threads asking the same questions that have already been answered or provide the same info that has already been given. 

And LWM is most definitely a she ♀️

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4 hours ago, Max_Battle said:




But the Internet Rules said:

  • Rule 29: On the internet men are men, women are also men, and kids are undercover FBI agents.
  • Rule 30: Girls do not exist on the internet.

Bur rules are made to be broken, right?:Smile_trollface:


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Well Captain Re-spec still here and its good time to test out the various ships regarding and made your own choice, there is no always right and always wrong .. even before this I seldom choose the skill I do not find it useful enough but of course I usually play DD and CL and that's one area people miss a lot, well penetration is great its only useful if you can do some damage, and with HE , and the somewhat meager damage one could muster from the DD and CL guns, sometime the 4 point skill might find better use else where ( say BFT/ AFT for DD guns or DE for CL ) and the comparison is not that -50% even for CL its the alternative .. so let say Cleveland , taking IFHE give you only 6% base fire chance, and with flags 7% but instead of thinking its 6% or 7% vs the 12% default, think of it as being against the same ship taking DE and that's a 6% vs 14% ( before flag , or 7 vs 15% after flag ) .. that is not insignificant at all , most mid to small caliber guns do not had enough damage to start with and carry it with rapid firing guns to stack the damage , and thus stacking the chance to start a fire and keep fire burning , thus something like the IJN gunboat could actually benefit both way ; I've test my Kitakami with 3 different  captain build , one with IFHE, one with DE, and one with AFT and surprisingly its the one with AFT that provide the best option ( the other 2 also both work pretty well ) as it allow me to open up that bit further out and keep firing for a longer duration ( thus making more hits, and more damage and more chance to start a fire ) before I need to extract from engagement. At mid tier engagement the IFHE skill sounds and perform decent if employed on the right guns, but at high tier, the skill just do not provide the penetration it suppose to give consistently enough or effective enough when you keep seeing 40, 50, 60mm armor. its usually not worth it just to be able to pen bow and stern ( and even that is off for many a small caliber guns. I maintain my previous POV, at high tier the skill just do not worth it unless you had a gun already with naturally high penetration value and by default also good damage to start with , then taking the skill carry you into ability to take on most of the enemy on some measure regrdless of class.

What I do think WG did wrong is not to give German DD their rightful HE pen at 1/4 ( since they already nerfed the raw damage ) and the over nerfing to mid to small caliber guns especially at mid to high tiers , a skill that suppose to give penetration but do not give that , and that's how odd-ward the skill had become for so many

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What I learned yesterday before seeing this IFHE bible was:

respec is free, reset ALL captains now, and you can always fiddle with them later.


A great review, two things of major importance:

1) the IFHE magic calibre appears to be from 140mm up to 203, one nation appears to use around the 130- 203mm calibre A LOT, I'll let you guess who.

2) WILL NOONE THINK OF THE CHILDREN, by that I mean this rework now severely limits each Captain to a specific ship, so no more speccing my Captain for a tier 10 end game ship, or extremely expensive ship ala Colbert, yet mostly playing said Captain in my Bayard, to farm skill points, up to 19, or using my 19 point end game Captain in my tier 8 premium ships to farm MUCH NEEDED GAME ECONOMY CREDITS.


YES YES I know Colbert doesn't use IFHE now, but I'm JUST USING THE TWO SHIPS AS AN EXAMPLE.

And we all know that a 19 point Captain on a team is much better than a 3 point Captain, even more if you quantify (if that's the word) by (x) number of players on any given team.

One team gets 10x 19 point Captains, and the MM matches other team with 10x 3 point Captains, AS AN EXAMPLE.


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