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Suggestion for replacement of Last Gasp commander skill

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Many of us especially aircraft carrier players have known that Last Gasp (LG) is likely the most useless commander skill for CV.  As described by the in-game description, this skill restores the engine boost of the carriers’ last strike squadron. It means that when a squadron is left with only one more attack group/flight/run/whatever-you-call-it, its engine boost is completely refilled so that the player can decelerate or accelerate accordingly.

However, here is the conundrum for players taking Last Gasp; for an attack group having two or one plane each, the planes in the final attack group are to be expected to be shot down before dropping their payload even though the engine boost has been completely restored. This is indeed a waste of one point of skill that could be collected for more useful skill(s). Therefore, I suggest Enhanced Patrol Fighters skill to replace LG with the following parameters.



Ø  Additional patrol fighter in squadron           +1

Ø  Additional charge of patrol fighters             +1

Ø  Fighter HP                                   +20%

Ø  Duration of patrol fighters                    +10 seconds


 First of all, this skill should provide one more fighter in the squadron when summoned. This means that they can take down one more hostile aircraft when they are engaged within engagement area. It is true that this skill would benefit Enterprise the most because she already has 10 patrol fighters in a summonable squadron. Since Direction Center for Fighters skill does not add one more fighter for the squadron’s patrol fighters, this parameter is deemed useful regardless of the tier of the CV utilizing it.

Secondly, this new skill will also add one more charge of squadron’s patrol fighters. By default, a squadron can summon up to 3 squadrons patrol fighters and 4 for Indomitable. With this new feature, a squadron can summon one more squadron of patrol fighters, making them 4 for tier VI–X CV and 5 for Indomitable. A CV with this skill would be able to summon patrol fighters by 12 times instead of 9. Due to the fact that Superintendent skill does not affect the number of squadron’s consumables, this feature could be beneficial for the extra usage of summon fighters.

The third feature of Enhanced Patrol Fighters is it gives 20% more HP to the fighter. As we have already known, one patrol fighter has anemic HP that the entire squadron can be wiped up in less than 10 seconds by DD’s AA for example. It is a common practice by CV players or the decent ones that we summon fighters on enemy DD in order to spot it for the teammates or at least to set a strike. In most cases, DD with decent or at least little AA can certainly shoot those summon fighters down within a very short period of time because the fighters move in circle without giving any care about AA flaks thus dying to them. By combining both Enhanced Patrol Fighters and Survivability Expert (SE) skills, the on-call patrol fighters can survive a bit longer in hostile AA thus having slightly longer spotting duration.

Let us take Graf Zeppelin’s patrol fighters for example. As a tier VIII CV, one patrol fighter squadron of her has 5 fighters patrolling in 6 km diameter. Without SE, her patrol fighters have 2825 HP. With SE, they have extra 1000 HP, summing up to 3825 HP in total. Together with this proposed new skill, they could have up to 4390 HP for somewhat longer survivability. Let us take Akizuki with upgraded hull but without any modification to her AA value. With both her long and short ranges AA combined, she has approximately 202 continuous AA dps because of overlapping AA auras and hit probability. Assuming that Graf Zeppelin’s summon fighters do not hit Akizuki’s AA flaks, it would take roughly 20 seconds for all 5 of them to be taken down by Akizuki’s continuous AA.

The final feature of this proposed skill is it adds extra 10 seconds for the duration of the patrol fighters. Normally, patrol fighters function for about 1 minute including the first 11 seconds they take to appear from out of nowhere until they start orbiting. With this parameter, the patrol fighters will be able to do their task of patrolling for 1 minute 10 seconds. Together with the new proposed upgrade that extends the action time of squadron’s consumables by 50%, the patrol fighters will have 1 minute 40 seconds of activation time. This means longer AA protection for allies and spotting duration which are really profitable for the allied team.

This ends my long proposal. I really hope that the game developers consider this suggestion for the sake of better gameplay. Thank you in advance!

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