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IJN DD Line Difference?

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On 2/7/2020 at 3:13 PM, IJN_Hayasui said:

Destroyers on the Normal Line with Dual Purpose starts at  V, VII and IX and X , that means Shimakaze, Yuugumo, Akatsuki (Which is the Fubuki C hull back then on 0.5.X) and Mutsuki can deal with Planes as much as possible, these are the only Destroyers that has Dual Purpose Guns, the Gunboat line has only VI, VIII, IX and X, Hatsuharu being the mid line (Which should be the T7 Originally because of Dual purpose AA Guns) Akizuki, Kitakaze and Harugumo had very short reload guns of 10cm but with buffed penetrations, they have torpedoes but they deal less damage but their shells increases more hell to the fire, the H.E Shots per second can annoy enemies at ease, the AA is almost Ridiculous, you dont need a Gearing or an allied Destroyer to need AA help, because these gunboats are the AA Themselves, Harugumo is very fun but unless if you neeeeed alot of credenitals for repairs.

Good post.

Is this Google translate or something similar?


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