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[0.9.9.x] Ookami Mio Skin Mod for USN Ranger

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This mod changes the skin of Tier 6 Ranger to "Ookami Mio" look.

Skins are preserved when you apply camouflage.

Ookami Mio is a Virtual Youtuber (Vtuber) belonging to Hololive Productions in Japan.



<<Skin Preview>>




<<Download link>>

download (google drive)


1.Download the zip file from the download link above



2.Unzip the zip file and open

3.copy "PnFMods" and "PnFModsLoader.py" into /recurrent versions_mods/


Remove "MIO_RANGER_Mod" from res_mods/PnFMods/

Warning: If you have installed another mod of the same type, deleting the PnFMods folder or PnFModsLoader.py will make them inoperable.



First release 2020/01/17 wows version

Forum release 2020/01/23 Operation confirmed with version

2020/02/14 Operation confirmed with version

2020/02/20 Operation confirmed with version

2020/03/14 Operation confirmed with version

2020/04/02 Operation confirmed with version

2020/04/09 Operation confirmed with version

2020/04/29 Operation confirmed with version

2020/05/15 fix for

2020/06/11 Operation confirmed with version

2020/07/09 operation verified for

2020/08/11 fix for

2020/09/04 operation verified for (The installation folder has been changed.)

2020/10/03 fix for


ookami mio.png

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59 posts
15,808 battles

The location of the res_mods folder has been changed in the WGC version since

{wows install folder}/bin/{different numbers for each version, the larger the number, the more new version}/res_mods

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