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AA Gun suggestions

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With the AA Screwed up a little bit, lets talk about the guns for a spin


To give it more universal, Anti Air (including Dual Purpose Guns) should be needed some controls, unlike secondaries

25mm Autocannons can either fire AP or Incendiary shells (which produce smaller flaks) 

30 to 76mm AA can prdouce flaks at a high rate, this was removed in wows but hopefully it will return, you can either choose AP or Incendiary for larger Flak Clouds. Shame it went overboard and removed despite they had difficulties in balancing mid range AA flaks.


Dual Purpose guns should be controlled like secondaries, a little bit of animation on the DP mounts firing flaks in the air would be a better use.

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I have the complete solution: Nuclear Airburst. Like in Konpeki no Kantai.exclusively for yamato only

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