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AALG's Tenth WoWS Video - Atlanta - Curtain of Shells delivery vessel

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The Tier VII Premium USN Atlanta cruiser, is one of my favourites, and has been since closed Alpha.


Its not really fast - Its maneauverability can best be described as sluggish, but it has not just one thing to its advantage - it has 8 things to its advantage - 8 fast moving, fast loading 2 gun turrets. It can supply a curtain of steel and explosives, which an enemy target has to sail through, and it can do it every 4.5 seconds - Even though the caliber isn't larger than 12.7 cm, you can rest assured that a full volley is felt and hurts when hitting on target.

And as a premium ship, it rakes in credits even in bad,or average games - not to mention a good game can rake upwards of half a million credits with a premium account.


What is its bad sides then ? Sluggish in maneauevering, can't really take much damage, and you need to get into around 10 km's range to ensure enough shells lands on target. But even with those limitations, it has become my favourite, for its fun factor, its credit earnings capability, and ofcourse for the noise 14 guns (only up to 7 turrets out of the 8, can bear on a target at any given time) firing every 4.5 seconds make.

Oh, did I mention - it got torps as well ;)

Highly recommended if you only are getting one in game premium vessel.


As usual, available in 1080p HD, and includes the complete After Battle Report at the end.



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And here I am thinking that the Cleveland is the first rapid firing cruiser you can get... guess the Atlanta takes the cake

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