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Premium ships T9 vsT10 earnings ?

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Hi Everybody,

I am looking at Georgia / Jean Bart  vs  Thunderer / ( maybe Simolensk )  as an example to the above question ?

Probably T9 would get easier match ups mostly …. 

What are players experiences on the different Tiers - is it much hard to earn the same money on T10 as it is on T9  etc 

Many Thanks

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Rule of thumbs for premium ships:

The higher the tier, the more the ship earns. However, this stops at T9. T10 premiums do not come with extra credit earning, as stated clearly in their Arsenal page. As I see it, they may only earn as much as T6/7 premium.

Also, premium ships don't earn more XP by themselves. This is stated clearly in the Port screen.


So, T9 >>>>>> T10, in terms of credit earning.

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T10 premiums are only good at earning enough to pay the service cost (unless you AFK the whole match). Also the rule of thumb of the game's economy is you earn more by hitting or killing the ships of higher tier than yours regardless of your ship's status (premium or not). This automatically excludes T10 from the farming capabilities.

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