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Gnevy: User guide to the fighting squirrel

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Okay, so recently my low tier thrills have come from the Russian DD line, specifically the T6 ship Gnevy. So let me tell you about why I like this ship, and how to get the most from it.

Gnevy is a very simple gunboat, and easy enough to play: just sit back and shoot. I call it the "squirrel" for a reason: While hyper aggressive, the attacks dont have much bite ... at first. kekeke.

This is a ship that gets exponentially more fun as you get more and more captain skills, too. AFT being the main goal, since the guns are still fully useable at the extended range and being able to stay further back gives a huge boost to survivablity. BFT boosts your damage output by 10% and your fire chance by the same amount, while EM allows you to pull off bigger dodges and sill keep your guns on target. PT, PM, LS, and perhaps high alert to round out 19 points. There are some people who run a concealment build - it's valid option but I'd take AFT first for the range.

Your main job in Gnevy is to annoy the enemy team. Keep their BBs burning. Pepper their cruisers with hits to distract them. Lay supressing fire on any enemy DD spotted. Players behave much more defensively when they are under fire, they'll tend to retreat off an objective, or you'll draw their fire, or an enemy DD will be forced to smoke up. All these benefit your team greatly in the long run.

Don't mess with enemy DDs that can outspot you unless you know they are inexperienced and unsupported. In fact as a general rule you want to stay more than 6km away from any enemy ship, except when ambushing a BB to use your comically short ranged, but deadly fast torps.

Gnevy is a great harasser, but a great "chasseur" too, particularely late game when the enemy ships are wounded and disposed to flee. Hunting down lower tier BBs is something of a special talent.

A big, big part of Gnevy damage output is the fires. Switch to AP only when there is nothing left to burn, or you have cruiser broadsides to shoot at.

It's been said that the Russian DDs have been powercrept by the French line. It's true to an extent, but Gnevy smoke has tremendous offensive potential as well as defensive. That is, use it not to get away from a tight spot, but to be able to stay and keep shooting for longer.

Much like the French DDs though, you have terrible concealment (especially since you probably aren't running CE) and are not so nimble. Meaning, you suck at capping. How you deal with that defines what kind of Gnevy player you are I guess. There are those who will cap and die, those who will never cap, and the really good Gnevy drivers who will cap when they sense they can get away with it.

You need to know your natural enemies: well armored cruisers with accurate, fast shells, particularely german, japanese, and italian stripes. Stay out of their killbox, or go dark and run. Carriers are perhaps counterintuitively not a big deal. You are spotted 90% of the time you aren't smoked up anyway, and can pop speed boost and dodge(tm) your way back into a friendly AA bubble if CV sends attack squadrons your way.

Finally, a word about positioning. I think there is room for different opinions here, but I tend to stay close to my team. A little to one side or perhaps behind, depending on how close the enemy is. I'm not big on the wide flanking maneuver where you go solo and rush down the 10 line to kill the enemy CV. Gnevy doesn't quite have the speed to do it successfully for one, and for another reason it takes you out of the game (i.e. not shooting, not doing damage, not helping your team) for too much time.


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Gnevny can achieve the same concealment as Fubuki, with better speed on top. Don't say the concealment is bad.

If you're not in a Hatsuharu or Icarus, or have RPF, the Gnevny can very well try to ambush you.

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