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It can be done! Lightning v Tirpitz

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I'm doing 1v1 ranked exclusively in Lightning. That's equivalent of "difficulty: hard" setting. It took a while to actually figure out how to make it work, and that's the point: 1v1 is an excellent training ground for close-quarters-combat (CQC).

Lightning can be easily beaten by Tripitz/Bismark/Mass as well as cruisers like Hipper/Eugen/Atago and even Mogami if you aren't careful. The upside is that outside of Fantasque/LeTerrible you hold a reasonable advantage against all other T9 DDs.

The trick to winning against the big ships is to take the initiative and put them on the back foot. You go directly to the intersection of the two caps, in such a way as you aren't spotted. You'll get there first, they know you are there, and they know they have to go to find you or they'll lose on points. You have RPF (don't even think about trying ranked without RPF) so you know which direction and can guess, from the speed of the ship and when they entered the cap (the point counter stops), their position accurately without having to pop hydro. Don't use hydro to find the enemy ship if you can avoid it, it tells them you are close.

Now, the longer you stay hidden in that interection area, the better idea your enemy has of where you are since they've already got vision on greater and greater area. If you get boxed in like this, chances are you are gonna die.

Instead, you need to rush them and while they are still moving into position to sweep out the area. For Tirpitz and anything else with torps you pop hydro the moment you get spotted, and smoke as well just cause you can and its a possible distraction. Anything to buy a couple of seconds of extra time before they react. Assuming you can catch them with their bow towards you, you'll have enough time to quickly slip to their side and line up a point blank guranteed torp drop, firing all 8 torps individually in a line so they all hit. Momentum on BBs and CAs is such that at close range like this they have zero ability to turn out in time.

For ships with hydro, it's more of a toss up but even more important to rush them early before they are quite ready to start looking for you. Their hydro is longer range, but shorter duration so most people will be reluctant to use right away. That's your only chance really, if you get hydroed and are not in position to kill them already, you are probably going to die or lose on points.

Don't even bother with concealment build, run Steering Gears Mod 3 in slot 5. Although its rare to see CVs, you want to build for minimum smoke cooldown as you'll need it if you happen to run into one. Be sure to choose Preventative Maintanence and Main Armaments 1 installed to keep your torpedo launchers functioning.

Go out there and have fun! You can thank me later.


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Great write up Rina 👍

Though I am pretty sure that Ranked Sprint ended today 😮

I will certainly keep your advice in mind for the next sprint though 😊

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