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Fan the flames! Sound the clarion!

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@PaladinumSomething I stumbled on the cesspool that is reddit while searching for a post regarding hot tea about to be disciplined.


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Somebody please give him his meds already.

No to NTC / RB. :Smile_izmena:


нет NTC / RB. :Smile_izmena:


Never liked it. Never wanted it.


Play, don't pay (I borrow @Paladinum :Smile_hiding:)


Why WG? Why do you like to anger your playerbase?

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Simple. They can do what they like and get away with it. There's no competitors to Wows as they have a monopoly. 

Sure it's not good business practice but they are not acting rationally and there's nothing you can do about it. 

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I can't take this game seriously anymore.

I spent a fortune, lose 90% of random battles in 19 mins per chunk of my life, got a handful of tier 10s.

I spent another small fortune this year on xmas boxes knowing WG were never gonna give out the rare OP ships that break the MM, coz why the hell would they???!, and got a tier 5 exeter.....

Now I just press W in my poor wretched tier 10 BBs shooting AP constantly and expecting no more than 35k dmg per 19 mins of losing battles. I don't have to think or get excited. Only expect the disappointment.


Hey WG while you're down there, data mining my account for information, perhaps realise I DON'T PLAY TIER 5???!.

In 2020 my new years resolution is, I will not spend a single dollar on WoWS.

Also, still never ever had a free ship from an SC or any event or reward container. Considering how much real money I put in....


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