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From PR shipyard to Premium yard "This is madness"

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So today i was messing around doing a lot of the 200% first win of days in bots.

After sometime i thought id check on the progress of the PR build in its shipyard, to see how far the next stage was from completing.


If i recall correctly, somehow while i was in that PR shipyard , the select ships for battle ribbon was still visible.

So while in the PR build screen,i selected the next in line of the 200% wins ships I was going to play, from the ribbon.


When i selected the ship, Queen Elizabeth, the PR shipbuilding progress screen  closed.  

I was taken to the port screen.

However this is where things get interesting.


The regular premium port screen appeared at first to me to be zoomed in.  Like when you mount signals.

However a long crane type or dark metal structure was filling up most of the screen.

Not 100% sure, but perhaps the view angle was actually level at the middle of the horizon .


Finding that view angle somewhat annoying, I tried to rotate the camera view without success.

So I then clicked on the port button.

 I was thinking that would reset to the default camera angle and  the view of the (Queen Elizabeth) would be shown.

To my bemusement the picture attached is a snapshot of what i seen, after clicking the "Port" button.


I only took a quick snap shot, as you do for weird things, and then selected a random ship the Jean Bart  and she showed in the screen as normal.

The port has behaved fine all day, although a number of games later I did experience a random crash at end of game close and chose the terminate option.


Later on today, I had mentioned this bizarre port happening in "Off Topic" chat.   

Someone their suggested I post it on the forums "the community would be interested in it" so here it is.


If its strange, it will happen to me, this is only another example of it.


It happened I took a screen shot, selected another ship which appeared fine and could mount signals on fine and camera angles everything was as normal.

The only thing being an issue with crash a number of games later and those games seemed normal.


And community, please don't troll or think its more PR drama or some photo shop type things gone on. 

I don't have the skill or the time, i'm too busy grinding shipt!

I don't need bonus drama.

Its 100% as the screen shot was, with only a edit of my clan and user ID and that's just so pitas (pain in the ass) don't ask me questions about this 2 years later.


Please dont ask me, did I do this or that, I don't know anything other  than whats written above as to what happened.

It's just a snap shot to me. everything works fine! 


Only thing left to say is

Happy New Years ! 


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