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I'll have my Commonwealth Tech Tree now, thanks...

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For reference my now out-dated (I'll update it sometime, I promise) CW Tech Tree here:

So we have PA DDs, Boise/Nuevo, SN BBs and duplicates as premiums all over the place...

I'll take my CW DD and CL lines now thanks...

And now we have the Bajie, a ship that started out on paper, made real in-game and then in our fantasy world, sold to an Asian nation of some-kind...

In that case I'll have MY CW CV line now too...

K thx bai


In all seriousness though... I don't mind paper lines, I don't even mind WG inventions... But don't flipping try and tell me that CW lines can't be a thing because they're duplicate ships...

That's a hollow bollocks excuse and you know it!

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