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Double Recruitment Points - Ends This Weekend!

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Dear WG. I have some clan/ex-clan mates who had not been playing for a long time. I want to invite them back I don't have their email so can u let us use their nickname to send the invite code? Many of them are veterans and big spenders. Most likely, they have played other games now. as a feedback, making the game too challenging will only let most of the average players leave the game. E.g. adding submarines to the game will make the game harder to play. Also, nerfing a ship is also a negative factor. If u find 1 ship is op, U should buff other ships to make them more balance rather than nerfing them. Imagine u buy/research a ship that is so under-power that the bullets are flying everywhere except the target, will u enjoy the game? will u buy ships again? If u continue to nerf ships, then all the ships will be so under-power and the whole game will be so boring like shooting fireworks to targets. The game is to cater to most of the average players and not the dream team. U ask a super-tester/pro to test ships, all ships to them are op. U should ask all players to test out the wip ships during the public test and get feedback. That should provide the best balance review. When all the avg players start leaving the game, then it would be too late to change course. I have read so many stories about people losing the game for days until they give up in FB forum. Yours sincerely.



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