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Sub Test Iteration 3

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Well firstly WG let me list the thinks I like in the latest sub test:

1. Graphics and modelling of sub and underwater terrain and Hydro acoustic ping,

2. Removal of Oxygen being replaced with Batteries.


What I do not like:

1. Submarines outclass every other type of ship,

2. The Submarine cannot surface and remains impossible to hit at periscope depth,

3. They keep DD's spotted at all times even in smoke,

4. They travel faster underwater than on the surface,

5. As a surface ship if you are lucky and have HE you have very little to aim at when they are at periscope depth,

6. If you are a Heavy Cruiser or BB you cannot counter a sub,

7. British cruisers and Italian cruiser will become even worse with only access to AP and SAP that cannot hit let alone damage a sub,

8. The ping lock on to any ship is easy and the homing torpedoes that bypass torpedo protection and citadel the unfortunate target is doomed,

9. Battery lasts too long and recharges too fast,

10. Torpedoes do way too much damage,

11. DD's have enough to contend with already dodging CV's the sub's just make them unplayable,

12. Combine subs with CV's and every ship will clump together and just camp,

13. The surface ship has no indication that 1 or both pings have locked onto them so torpedo avoidance is difficult,

14. Once a sub maintains a ping the torpedoes can turn very quickly and unbelievably fast and are almost unavoidable


In summary the SUB's will break the game if they are introduced as is, more so than CV's ever did.



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