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Bot reporting thread has been removed @#$%

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hiya guys...

I cannot find the bot reporting thread any longer, it used to be pinned here in the general discussions, but now its not... i did a search but couldn't find it (maybe i searched wrong name)

i wanted to report a bot & add a replay to show wargaming what a SOB it is, & since the pinned thread is not there, i cant even do that..... 

unless wargaming really likes bots back in business to grind all the goodies while buggering up games for real people... i mean free Puerto Rico or free Gorizia or free steel, is a big draw card for all these cheats.... then they sell the account to some lazy sucker for real big bucks.....  just like they do with our baby formula....  buy it cheap & flog it off for an immense profit & rip their customers off, & fill their pockets with someone else's money...

WG please get your act together... read the forums & see whats going on,  do something about these Bots & Bot clans......


@GOMBEE8626 @HuginnKR

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Basically as good as non-existent. Did anyone ever ask the community manager of WG about their decision of not banning Botters even when they openly admitted to botting? -_-'


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Maybe we should just use the official customer support method for reporting...

Nevermind, the customer support seems to be unhelpful.

Bot herding

If you see a player in battle, whose behavior raises suspicion of using bot programs, no need to contact support.

The Administration regularly checks the accounts for using bot programs and takes appropriate measures in all revealed cases.

The same applies to idle players (the so-called AFKers). We have a high success rate of identifying such offenders.

You can also use the "Report" option in battle or afterwards, in the post-battle results screen.

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