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On a more positive note

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Dock Yard I think it is a great Idea and would like to see its permanent inclusion in the port.
Perhaps use it for coal and or free xp ships using x amount of coal or free xp to build each stage. 
This would make achieving a coal or free xp ship less daunting as people could see their progress in
instalments rather than save up the whole amount for them. With a much more generous if any time frame.

In the same style as a premium ship where any captain can be assigned to it what about a premium captain 
that can be assigned to any ship.

Those ships that have a spotting plane consumable something I use rarely what about a different type of consumable 
available as an alternative choice.

How about a shopping cart in the shop individual purchases are a pain and maybe a discount the more items you buy.

Would also like to see a way I can sell or gift items I have to other players. 

Also some sort of mechanism where I can purchase multiple items and be able to award them to clan members 
this ties in with the shopping cart in the shop. At the moment each item has to be bought and gifted separate 
if I want to hand out awards to clan members. This is a major pain in the butt. 

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