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Active player looking for active clan

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Hello, im looking for a new clan. My current clan is pretty inactive so im hoping to join yours to be able to participate in Brawls. Im from the Philippines and i am a very active player. I have decent aim and also a pretty good CV player.

My ships(because i tend to sell previous tiers thats why i have very few):

  1. Yamato(recently obtained)
  2. Myoko
  3. Lexington
  4. Blyskawica
  5. Massachusetts(rented for 2days because i main BB)

Other info about me:

  • Im completely Freetoplay, i dont have any plan to spend on this game.
  • I like cats therefore the torpedo cat badge stays, no exceptions.

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Hi Kyle

We are looking for people interested in playing clan battles as well as who enjoy good active social play. You must have a good mix of ships inc tier X and discord if you'd like to join. If you're interested, feel free to PM me here or in game or jump into our discord channel to talk.


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