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Suggestion: IJN Premium Maya

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As we all know, IJN cruiser flavor in WoWS is basically accurate hard hitting HE that has very slow reload, good torpedo and concealment, very bad AA and bad range.

However historically the Takao class were known for their Very good AA compared to other Japanese ships. Which is why I’d like to suggest introducing the IJN Maya in game with 8 main batteries, historically accurate AA suite;

12 × Type 89 12.7 cm (5 in)dual purpose guns, (6x2)

66 × Type 96 25 mm (1.0 in)AA guns (13x3, 27x1)

36 × Type 93 13.2 mm (0.5 in) AA machine guns

and a tweak in consumables for more varied gameplay, such as not being able to equip hydro but have enhanced DFAA (even though current DFAA is pretty useless for majority of ships), or no catapult aircraft but include a Japanese version of a radar consumable.

The Takao Class is my favorite ww2 cruiser design irl and in game, and I’d love to see more of them in action.

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I would love to see IJN Maya with hydro, dfaa & spotter aircraft/fighter in different slots. 

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I woud like to see Maya in its final modified strong AA form with one main gun turret taken out and replaced with more & stronger  dual purpose secondaries / AA , and also with that added torpedo bulge and thus more HP / more torp reduction ; she would made a very nice departure from the usual IJN CA

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