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Unique upgrades: clarification and changes

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Please pay attention to additional information and changes regarding latest DevBlog post about Unique Upgrades.

First of all, we thank you for your feedback and suggestions. While moving Unique Upgrades to Research Bureau is a necessary step to evolve this system, we decided to prolong the existing Unique Upgrades missions for the whole year 2020. That means that you have plenty of time complete them at reasonable pace without the fear of loosing already received progress.

Also, as initially stated, you still can receive these missions until Update 0.9.1.

What's even more important, we appreciate your concerns about big changes to the gameplay aspect of Unique Upgrades themselves. We're happy to clarify: there are none. Unique Upgrades are meant as a way to customize your ship with a fair trade-off, and we are keeping them such.

What we want to do with the announced changes is:

  • To introduce the long awaited new upgrades for some tier X ships that don't have them;
  • To finally revise the existing Unique Upgrades - some of them might be a bit too strong, and some of them might be to weak or overly specialized;
  • To move their delivery method to more flexible Bureau - while it may require some additional changes to Bureau in future, this system is much easier to sustain than the increasing number of combat missions for each ship.

We will surely keep you updated on specific changes as they are being designed, but again, the core concept of these upgrades is absolutely the same: they offer some alternative playstyle, and do not work as direct buff.

Thank you for your attention and input!

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Please clarify that obtained UU mission would had a deadline for Dec 31st of 2020, cause just like others I cave in and grind the credit to buy the T10 ships to obtain both the ship and the mission and plan to grind for them in the upcoming months but the mission shown deadline of Mar 12th  .. not very pleasant if its so

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