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Upcoming Charity Stream Guide

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Hi Captains,
Please refer to the Upcoming Charity Stream Guide:

Heyo Everyone.

As you may have heard, this December 19th, the various WoWS offices around the world are working together to host a 24 hour stream to raise funds for the Save the Children foundation. This is a great opportunity for the staff and player base to come together and give back to the world during the holiday season. The full article on the event can be found here.

For this initiative, we will be using the platform to gather your donations. Since many of you may not be familiar with this platform and how it works here is a short guide:

First: Decide if you want to donate:

All money will go directly to the Save the Children foundation and does not pass through Wargaming or World of Warships in any capacity. This should be your primary motivation for donating, to support this cause.

Second: Cool, you decided to donate, you head to this page



Here you can put in your information on what you would like your donation to be, your username and comment if you want.

Third: Select your reward:


  • If your selected reward is higher than the amount you opted to donate, it will be increased to the selected amount. 
  • Some items are locked until later stages of the stream to allow different regions a chance to receive the reward.
  • If you are not interested in a reward, you can skip this step at the bottom of the list.
  • Once the available quantity of items is redeemed, the reward will no longer be available. 
  • Your transaction will not proceed if the item is not available/sold out before you complete your transaction.
  • The people who are quick and successfully claim the reward will 100% receive the selected reward - it is not a raffle.
  • Rewards are not instantly granted, after the stream staff will process prizes if there are any issues or further information required an email will be sent to you.
  • The cost of shipping all physical goods will be covered by WG as our contribution to the cause.

Four: Complete the transaction:


and proceed to have tingly good feelings about your donation. If there is any additional details needed from you the team will contact you after the stream.

Tiltify is a leading charity donation platform for streamers and is not in any way affiliated with Wargaming or World of Warships. Given this platform is wildy trusted and respected by the streaming industry, we thought this would be the perfect platform to use for this initiative as it has clear visibility for you guys.

We wanted to give back to a cause greater than us and we felt Save the Children was a great cause for this.

In regards to the available prizes, in terms of physical items, the majority of these are leftover from particular events so we only have limited quantities available. We also do need to be mindful of shipping costs as this can quickly grow to large amounts particularly since we are offering to ship worldwide. 

The stream will feature many CCs, activities, games, fun, and maybe some announcements. Even if you are not in a position to donate to the cause, stop by and celebrate with us as the stream will be a lot of fun!

The Asia Moderations Team

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6 hours ago, dejiko_nyo said:


Go directly. Please.

But As I remember, WG is giving all the money directly to the SaveTheChildren and (If) you choose a physical rewards WG will cover all the shipment fee. They already mention it on their website.

Well it all depends on you to choose whether to donate directly or through WG and receive some rewards. If you rich enough you can buy 100.000 Doubloons rewards and make a minigames in your clan. Or, If you are the Commander of the clan, you can monopolized the doubloons. :Smile_trollface:

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Do NOT donate through wg and give them positive PR after what they have done. Donate directly to your choice of charity.

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