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Submarine testing: preparing for the third beta test session

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It has been awhile since our second Submarine beta test. Following the previous test, we analyzed all of the feedback and determined the previous version of the gameplay was not ready for release and required significant improvements. Submarines were hard to master, and gameplay was not satisfying. We’ve made gameplay and mechanic changes based on the feedback, and today we’re beginning a SuperTest including these updates. The focus of this test will be to verify the following changes:

  • Light cruisers received depth charges which was one of the key feedback points in the previous test;
  • The most large-scale submarine changes:
    • Submarines will now have only two depths: periscope depth and underwater level;
    • The depth is now decided by players: hold down F or C key to ascend or descend to the required depth;
    • Battery charge —a new mechanic for submarines. The oxygen mechanic was removed;
    • Hydrophone mechanic was updated.

We’re not ready to release more details on all of the change at this time: first, we want to make sure that this concept works and assess the stability of the client, after which, we’ll share more details on the changes.

Please note that the materials, mechanics and other elements of the beta described here may differ from the final version.

Stay tuned, the announcement of the third beta test session is coming soon!


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Yeah,  I still didnt get the invite from Sub Testing lmao..

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