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Hello Dear WG, I don't know what your planning is for? Why is there so many 3CV bureaus in the T4 Bureau, as a battleship player, I feel deeply malicious. The battleship's own air defense performance is extremely weak, and even some T4 battleships have no air defense capability. But you have added so many 3CV games in the T4 game, so that the whole game is completely a feast for the aircraft carrier players, DD BB players do not have the slightest gaming experience. In the ancient version, the aircraft carrier has a limited number of aircraft. In the low-level aircraft carrier, the number of aircraft is very small, so they will be more cautious, which gives our BB players a little gaming experience, at least they know to cherish their aircraft. But nowadays, I heard that it seems to cancel the number of aircraft restrictions? Even the plane can be built while playing? It has the ability to have a very long attack distance without revealing the hull. Now it has the ability to have unlimited shells? In the beginning, I will give the BB four or five torpedo rockets? Opening half of the blood? Since you are so keen on restoring history, the era of big ship cannons has passed, why don't you develop a new model? 15CV VS 15CV, isn't that better? Remove the battleship, remove the destroyer, delete the cruiser, and concentrate on developing the aircraft carrier. After all, Hyundai is completely an era of aircraft carriers.


Really, I don't know why you want to remove the limit on the number of aircraft carriers‘s airplane. If it is because of this fairness? As said above, this is unfair to other warship players. Want to say because of history? That doesn't make sense. For the Japanese T10 BB-Yamato battleship, the Yamato configuration in history is: 100 ammor per main guns, 9 main guns, and 900 rounds of ammunition. According to the time of the game in the game for 20 minutes, the Yamato artillery data is 2.1 rounds/minute. Yamato can shoot 42 times from the start of the game until the end, even if AP and HE is same all 42 times, it only can 84 times all-main gun fire, 840 rounds of ammunition. This is the maximum amount that can be consumed when the Yamato is fired from the start of the game and then fired until the end of the game. But the aircraft carrier? According to the setting of the US X-class aircraft carrier Midway, the history of Midway can carry up to 145 aircraft, according to the rules of the game, the preparation time of 30S, the preparation time of 1 minute after being destroyed,alright,if aircraft carrier no recycling plane, Then it can only take off 20 times. In the original version, Midway Island can prepare 6 teams of squadrons at the same time, each of which has 6 aircraft. 20*6*6, if you say that according to the current aircraft carrier unlimited throwing aircraft, that is, the wind of the game, they need 720 flights to play.

My suggestion: If you want to increase the balance by history, I suggest to change back to the original version, so that the carrier player knows that it will become a boat stick when it is wasted. If you want to increase the balance according to the game, then I suggest to strengthen the BB, especially the low-end BB's air defense capabilities, and increase the anti-aircraft can be crit settings (this setting seems to have, not too much attention)

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