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Unusual battle at sunday morning

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2 hours ago, Brunswickz said:

Very unusual

I met before, plenty of them

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40 minutes ago, MatterCore said:

I met before, plenty of them

Good then if the server is getting better.

But to make sure, i want to point not only the team was amazing, but they do give and listen to orders.

The last order i gave to the Roma to dodge Amalfi's torp, he "wilco!" it twice even.

The most amazing one was the DD however.

Not rushing the cap, seeking AA cover, also

he smoke the team preemptively, and also pointing risks of crossfires.

He did one ping to the North Carolina to warn players at the middle ground of crossfire.

Edinburgh managed to slip capturing the B cap,

and they somewhat able to resist enemy lemming from C cap.

The rare here is not 1/ 100000, but like 1/50 battles.

So if you played 10K times, it were 200 occasions.

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I encountered an enemy team who were working like that this week. 1 BB, 1 DD & 3 CL. T10 match. The DD and CL with me turned and ran the moment they saw the red team, I had just 1 minute to get the hell out of dodge, made a U turn and withing 1.5 minutes was melted by the focus fire. I managed to get 2 salvo's off into the red Tirpitz before being sent back to port. Just another white wash, red team did not lose a single ship. Not a nice introduction to the Bismark (it was my first battle in my shiny new boat).

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