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PSA) Gun Range (Solved) , Shell Tracers display Issue

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With the release of 8.10, thanks to your reports, we have identified an issue with Gun Firing Ranges sometimes being reduced/increased mid battle spontaneously.

The team are aware of the issue and will work to fix it ASAP.

We will update you all with more information as it becomes available.




Thank you again for your reports. We investigated and localized the issue in update 0.8.10 with Luigi Sansonetti when Gun Firing range sometimes being reduced/increased in battle. The fix was delivered on live servers and doesn't require any additional downloads. Now we’re working on the compensation list and will be back with the news soon.

Good luck and fair seas!



Hello Commanders,

We'd like to address the situation with shell tracers.

The display of shell tracers has not changed since the very early stages of World of Warships due to technical limitations. It does not depend on a specific ship, only on a type of the shell. For HE the tracer starts to be displayed from a short distance from the barrel, for AP and SAP - from the barrel.

The former technical limitations are no longer valid, but for now, we can't tell you whether the rendering of tracers will be changed and how. These changes will affect all ships in the game and the interaction between classes. For example, we have concerns that this may affect the combat effectiveness of destroyers firing from smokes. It will take time and probably some additional balance changes to evaluate the consequences of such change from all sides.

Therefore, we want to thank you for drawing our attention to this situation, but we cannot promise you that the display of tracers will be changed shortly.

We would also like to thank u/leehwongxing for the study of how tracers are displayed for different ships and shells. This helped us understand the reasons for this situation much faster.

Good luck and fair seas!


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That tracer issue is a pretty serious balance problem for WG.  Functionally it means that ships firing AP in smoke (ie RN CL's mostly) are much easier to hit that anything firing HE (DD's, and of course Smolensk, Kutuzov).  I'm sure they don't want to nerf DD's given their current fragility, so straight up fixing it is a problem, but then again the difficulty in blind firing Smolensk is a pretty serious issue too, since that ship should be much more vulnerable to blind fire into smoke.

Enjoy solving this one WG!

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