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ST, changes to Sansonetti and test ships

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Italian unique historical commander Luigi Sansonetti:

The "Scorched by Fury" talent is changed. It will be triggered upon obtaining the Confederate achievement rather than High Caliber, and will increase the reload speed by 15% rather than 5%.
The trigger for the talent was changed because the High Caliber achievement was easier to get in Ranked Battles than in Random Battles (due to smaller size of teams in Ranked Battles). The Improved reload speed brings Sansonetti in balance with other unique commanders.

German cruiser Mainz, Tier VIII:

Increased the armor thickness of main battery turrets:
frontal armor plate from 30 to 80 mm;
upper armor plate from 20 to 35 mm;
side armor plates from 20 to 32 mm;
Air resistance coefficient was decreased for armor piercing and high explosive shells from 0.3307 to 0.29;
Krupp value for armor piercing shells was increased from 1852 to 2300.
The armor of this cruiser's turrets will become the same as that of Nürnberg. This will noticeably improve the survivability of her main caliber turrets.

The changes to Mainz's shells will increase their flight speed (making shooting maneuvering targets easier), and will increase penetration of armor piercing shells.

Italian cruiser Gorizia, Tier VII:

Reload time of Exhaust Smoke Generator is lowered from 240 (180) to 210 (140) s;
Parameters of Hydroacoustic Search are changed:
Action time increased from 100 to 120 s;
Torpedo detection range increased from 3.5 to 4 km;
Ship detection range increased from 5 to 6 km.
Changes to consumables will make Gorizia more interesting to play and will highlight her main difference to the researchable Italian cruisers - Hydroacoustic search, compensating the lack of torpedoes. 

British cruiser Bedford, tier VIII:

Main battery reload time increased from 11 to 12 s.
British cruiser Drake, tier IX:

Main battery reload time increased from 14 to 15 s.
British cruiser Goliath, tier X:

Main battery reload time increased from 15 to 17 s.
These changes are made as part of the initial balancing phase of the ships. 

Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary and subject to change.

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