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Buff G.K. please (enhancement plan included).

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The Germany battleship so weak now, long hull, poor maneuvering makes it difficult to avoid torpedoes. Bad AP shell resistance makes it lack of the ability of taken damage.

Especially after Kremlin been released, Kremlin has the best AA, 60mm deck and powerful main battery. What about G.K. ? He had nothing.

Secondary battery looks very attractive, but in current game version, there is impossible to getting close to your enemy.


Here is few tips for Grober Kurfurst's buff:

1. increased 50mm deck area, and the existing 50mm deck change to 60mm

2. add 80mm deck. Like Tier  IX F. der Grobe

3. Secondary battery firing range +2 km

4. make 128mm secondary battery penetrating the 32 mm deck, 150mm secondary battery penetrating the 38 mm deck

5. Main battery salvo angle buff

Adopt two or three of the recommendations will significantly improve the game balance.

I hope that you can consider these suggestions seriously.


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