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【Scenario Design】T8 Scenario Midway

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Original Idea: http://nga.178.com/read.php?tid=19208170

Protect Midway Atoll from IJN and destroy enemy CV

T8, 7 persons, 0-2 CV, 0-3 BB, 0-4 CA, 0-4 DD.

If no player choose CV, then there'll be 2 BOT CV (Hornet, Enterprise)

If player choose CV, then there will be 2 BOT Atlanta

There are 3 CV on our side in total, including a BOT Yorktown.

Also some ally BOT Sims-class DD, CA Pensacola and CA New Orlans at the frontline.


Main Objective: At least 1 ally onshore installation (camps, airfields, batteries) must survive.

Sub Objectives:

1. Destory 3 enemy ships in 2 mins.

2. Alliy CV Yorktown has more than 50% HP.

3. Airfield on the island survives.

4. Destroy 4 IJN CVs.

5. Destroy enemy ship "Arashi" before she returns to main fleet.


This scenario map features CV battles. Probably pacifies the controversy on new CV.


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Its about time someone post this actual good topic.

Yeah we need new Scenario besides the same Raptor , Newport , Aegis , Whale , Narai yadayada... I missed The Ultimate Front so much.

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