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AALG's Eighth WoWS Video - Sharing the Murmansk Love

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Our Supertest manager, KaZanova, decided to gift 10.000 tokens to the Supertester on the Asia server, with the most Supertest battles, and lo and behold, that was me with over 300 battles on the Supertest server - more than any other Supertester, including the russian ST players.


But as I am fully aware that it is a team effort to test things, I declined that gift, and instead negotiated a deal with him (some people would say I used info from my little black book of Extortion info collected over the last 5 years,to twist his arm, but that is just a rumor.. At least thats the story I am sticking to...) - That all active Supertesters on the Asia server, would receive a Murmansk Tier V premium ship, during CBT.


This ship was applied to the accounts today, and I had my first battle in what in effect is the 1942 version of the Omaha, whereas the regular Omaha is the pre-WWII version.


Ofcourse for my first battle, MM decided to flip me the birdy, and put me in a Battle Tier VII battle, AND on the team with 2 less vessels, AND in a Domniation map... Talk about hybris. *sigh*

Amazingly it went quite well anyways - only 1 kill, but a load of damage dealt, enough to make me the highest earner of XP in the team - And we won.


A fun ship, which I can only recommend - although having the Omaha as well on my account, the upgraded regular vessel, still does better, due to the much higher DPM it is able to dish out with the extra guns. But as a premium ship, credit earnings are higher, running costs are lower (ammo etc), and it can be used to train the russian line crew.


As usual, available in 1080p HD, and includes the complete After Battle Report at the end.



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