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Results - Doubloon Doubles – Help Recruits, get the Loot!

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You need better in game training maybe even a help window that pops up during the game to give you tips in your native language because all these new so called recruits and the majority of the player base dont seem to know what to do. Its getting extremely frustrating especially now that its so easy for them to play tuer 9 and 10 with less then 10k average damage a game. Just a thought not trying to be nasty but i dont know how thelong term player base will staymuch longer with the current skill level of the majority of the player base after all we do play games for fun


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On 11/5/2019 at 9:00 PM, TheURLguy said:

Help your recruits get to their milestones and get Doubloons – guaranteed! 2 Recruits = 2,000 Doubloons!

Read it on the portal

I have a question regarding this, when do i credited the doubloons ? one of my friends already completed 30+ battle in his Phoenix and New Mexico in coop (he wins in like 98% of the battle) but i didnt get the doubloons yet..

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