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India Yankee flag

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Ok question why the hell does every battle I use this flag on my battleships or cruisers I end up being a Roman Candle every time a HE shell touches my ship is the game mechanic broken for this flag, it's getting really annoying that it's suppose to help extinguishing flames by 20% not cause flames that last longer, and before you ask yes I have damage control and advanced damage control. And yes I realise that they are built for DE as am I on all just about all my cruisers, yet when I hit ships on the superstructure with my DE built cruisers they never cause as much burning and the flames seem to go out instantly, where as on my Battleships I use damage control 1 or 2 and straight away I'm on fire again (and yes I know you have to hit the superstructure). And before you say RNG I call BS as it happens everytime I use the flag and that's why I have stopped using them.

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