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Breakthrough and Convoys, some needed ideas.

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Prolly these maps will be tested very soon

And yet again, the Breakthrough mode is more of a "Racing mode" whereas the Convoy mode is more of a "Payload" mode with limited respawns

in my opinion, these new modes should have unlimited respawn points, depends per team as the Convoys are much more of a death match mode and pushing the "Payload" Convoy to the finish line


Breakthrough (WIP) is more of a Racing mode than a "Standard Battle" Mode


Convoys A is similar to Team Fortress 2's Payload Match, you need a required number of ships to be in line with the Convoy thus increasing the Convoy's speed.



Convoys B is similar to the one of that from MvM (Mann Vs Machine), Only one Convoy appear, and the Enemies will try to sink the convoy and your team. you need to escort one convoy into safety (Much more that of a Tank that you need to defend to the target)

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