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Carriers have broken the game... Why doesn't Wargaming realise this??

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Dear Wargaming,

I have played ships since its inception and I shake my head every time I play a game with and against carriers. The 'rock, paper scissors' system you seem to love so much is totally non-existent with carriers. They are ALWAYS the last ships to die. Most ships have little or NO defence against them, and whilst they don't do a lot of damage anymore, they never miss. It is no fun at all when you are in a slow moving BB that gets hounded by carriers when there is absolutely nothing you can do against it. What are your plans here and why don't you fix this?




P.S. As an example I just played a T4 game. 2 carriers on each team. Between the 4 carriers they killed 12 ships and out of the last 5 ships left alive, 4 of them were carriers. In addition to this I and one other BB had lost a third of our health before we could even shoot at the enemy. How can you not think there is a problem here?

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CV thread

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