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Choosing Battles

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I quit playing carriers months ago - I was trying to learn and simply got tired of every game lost being blamed on whoever the CV player was.

Months later, it is obvious the CV planes have gone through many changes - rockets, bombs, torpedoes - and rockets never miss..?

What's up with that???

I have gotten to the point now that if I am playing a DD in a two CV game, I may as well go to the farthest corner of the map on the friendly side and just sit. Planes everywhere,looking to rocket helpless DDs. In every game I have played this week in a DD with 2 CVs; I am pounded into oblivion within a minute after the game starts - being rocketed multiple times while trying to spot/CAP; and the rockets never miss - I have 80%+ damage by the time the first ship fires at me after a/c spot me...add to this and ships that have RADAR, and even smoke is useless...

I just simple refuse to play in a DD against 2 CVs. There is no joy or fun simply running for my life, hoping not to be the first casualty on my team.

Solution - why not let players have the option to choose a battle with more than 1 CV; better yet, no CV.

CVs literally own the game; combatants can do little but spend the entire game running from bombs, rockets, air dropped torpedoes; and God help the team whose CV player(s) have no fighters or are trying to still figure out how to play CVs...

I refuse to be a helpless target as a DD player anymore...

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When 2 or more CVs around,

Hmm, no, even if 1 CV around, especially when there are less team members. i.e. less than 10.

I'll match my speed with the nearest friendly AA umbrella.

Instead of rushing to cap, i'll brazenly moving 1/4 at start to match their speed.

The enemy CV will found me nevertheless but when it comes, ill turn on my AA and made some maneuver.

Smoke if neccessary.

As long noone went near to the cap, i'll not cap.

At least i'll try if i have a smoke ready, and CV went to the other way.


As long our own CV is as good, or better than the enemy CV.

Enemy DDs also will do the same technique if they don't want to be deleted.

Boring as it is, better than just quitting every now and then. I'd call it anti sportsmanship.


For T4 CVs tho...

There just not enough umbrella.

Several low tiers have fairly good AA like Wyoming, Kongo (with AA build), Mutsuki (AA build). But in general they're scarce.

And not just 2 CVs, but 3.


I've played CV to learn how the aim works.

Flaws (if you can say that), we can exploit are :

1. Max 3 attack runs per full squadron. Sling shotter usually drop an attack to nowhere before reaching your position. So it will be only 2 runs.

2. Rocket has extremely long lead. If we can suddenly shorten the distance after the diving starts, theres not much leeway to adjust to the left or right before it overshooting.

Still knowing this, doesn't make someone impervious to CV attacks. But at least you will mentally exhaust the CV player.


Uh and also, if your AA is strong enough, Island is not your best friend.

Since AA can't shoot planes at the other side of the island. They will shorten the distance to you with less punishment.

I strongly recommended to CL players to stop perma camping if there are 2 CVs around.

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