I was playing Shokaku and somehow, the game was stuck at something. I couldn't move my ship and I cannot even send messages to the chat. Yes, I lost control of my ship. Although it is not visible from the screenshot above, my cursor changed to something like this  (there was a moving icon next to my cursor). I am not sure about the reason why this happened but I have some ideas. I was using my dive bomber and I pressed 'M' to toggle the map. Then, I set where my ship should move quite rapidly. When I pressed 'M' again, that's when this happened.  * Edit 1 I have confirmed that this happens quite frequently. I might upload a video to YouTube if necessary. What you need to do is that you need to choose a random place on the map (far away from you) and then choose somewhere really close to your ship. Finally, you just need to choose your ship and you will lose control of your ship. What you need to notice is that usually when you choose your own ship, your cursor won't become something like this but a normal cursor with nothing. * Edit 2 I asked my friend to test this bug and I can confirm that this affects all ship types. However, he could still control his ship but I couldn't. When the game ended, his interface became like this and he couldn't do anything. He had to kill the game. This is definitely a bug and I think the game is thinking that the player is still choosing a point. This is extremely rare but for cv players, it might be a problem. * Edit 3 Some more screenshots. It shows that all ship types can trigger this bug with any maps. I will stop further investigations. Thank you for reading.